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Recommended for those who escape from the noise of the city and are looking for a journey into nature and history, the sailing boat tour in the Gulf of Angels.


We like legends, and you? We have thought of a sailing tour to introduce you to the history and myth of Golfo degli Angeli!

CS Charter is pleased to introduce you to the legends of the gulf of Cagliari, the turquoise of the sea and the scents of the Mediterranean scrub. In one day, you can immerse yourself in the purest and most evocative atmosphere of southern Sardinia and treat yourself to unforgettable views.


The legends of the Gulf of Cagliari, the turquoise sea, and the fragrant Mediterranean scrub.

The Stages


We depart at 10 am from our base in the center of Cagliari, on the Sanità pier in Via Roma. As we set off, you’ll be greeted by the stunning view of Castello, the ancient and majestic city fortress.

If luck is on your side, a family of dolphins might play in the bow waves, accompanying you as we leave the port.

Once the sails have been unfurled, we will run towards the crystalline mirror of Cala Regina and the Pintau sea palette, the “painted sea” in Campidanese. Once you drop anchor, it will be time to dive and relax under the generous Sardinian sun.


In the afternoon, a new sailing excursion will take us to discover the Devil’s Saddle, the heart of the epic battle between angels and demons, and the beautiful Cala Fighera and Calamosca, before our final journey.
The return to our base in Cagliari is scheduled for late afternoon, with an expected docking time around 5 pm.