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An island within an island, in the heart of the Mediterranean, a wonderful strip of Ligurian land transplanted to the extreme south-west of Sardinia.

A day of sailing and sea among the cliffs, coves, and white sand beaches of the beautiful Island of San Pietro

San Pietro Island, with its position and naturalistic richness, guarantees an unforgettable trip even on days of sirocco and mistral: just choose the right side and set sail!

In the absence of strong winds, the ideal tour, peppered with numerous stops, is the one in a counterclockwise direction.


After departing from Marina di Sifredi, situated along the seafront and equipped with every comfort, the following stops are not to be missed:

To the north

Once back on land, a stroll through the historic center of the town is unmissable, topped off with a slice of focaccia and an aperitif on the seafront, before indulging in a dinner featuring local gastronomic specialties. Above all, don’t miss the vegetable cascà, the bottarga, and other products derived from tuna processing, such as capunadda.